About me:

I am a doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Educational Technology at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). I am pursuing my doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Ritayan Mitra, Interdisciplinary Program in Educational Technology, IIT Bombay.

My research lies at the intersection of education, technology, and design, primarily aimed at designing tools that can enable us to study how learning happens in learning spaces (both physical and digital) and close the feedback loop between learners and teachers to inform the design of learning.

My doctoral research involves designing and developing a model to support data-informed teaching practice in lectures through student feedback.

  • The research focuses on developing a unique feedback system that enables students to provide real-time feedback on their cognitive-affective states, such as engaging, difficult, or boring (and the reasons behind those), during the lecture.

  • The feedback is then provided to the teacher through a Teacher Dashboard for retrospective reflection to refine and improve instructional design and practice.

Research Interests:
Technology Enhanced Learning, Learning Analytics, Educational Technology, Teacher Professional Development.

Key Skills:

  • EdTech Research: Mixed methods, Experimental design, User-centered design, Design-based research; Content analysis, Thematic analysis, Statistical methods (e.g., ANOVA, Regression)

  • EdTech Practice: Curriculum and Learning (or Instructional Design), EdTech Product Conceptualization and Design, Consultancy, LMS

  • Teacher Training: Online teaching, ICT in education, Active learning, Flipped classroom, LOs: What, Why, and How, Blended learning, Assessment, Learning Management System (LMS), and Educational technology research and practice

  • Co-design methods: Traditional (e.g., interviews, surveys), Human-Computer Interaction (e.g., prototyping, persona)

  • Professional skills: Collaboration, Communication, Academic and Technical Writing, Project management, Mentoring

Some glimpses of the teacher training sessions / my presentations